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SWS day schools can teach anybody anything – well almost. Our team of qualified instructors across Ontario have taken over 1 million people skiing since the company began in 1996. From a first time skier, to learning to drop a ski, wakeboard, barefoot or even jump, the SWS instructors have the skills and experience to improve any aspect of your skiing. The SWS day schools are offered at a variety of resorts where you can choose the services and amount of skiing you desire. Please note, even though our day school services are offered at major resorts, you don’t have to be a guest of the resort to use our services.

Listed below are all the schools we operate, all open to the public:

Clevelands House Resort

  • Watersports Lessons, Waterpark, Canoe and Kayaks, Pontoon Tours and Seadoo Rentals
  • 1040 Juddhaven Rd. Minett, ON., P0B 1G0
  • (705) 765 7224

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The Lake Joseph Club

  • Day Camp Program, Full and Half Days
  • RR #2, Elgin House Rd., Port Carling, ON, P0B 1J0
  • 1-888-I SKI SWS

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Bayview Wildwood Resort

  • Watersports Lessons and Seadoo rentals
  • 1500 Port Stanton Pkwy, RR 1, Severn Bridge, ON, POE  1N0
  • (705) 689-5153

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